Travel photography

Born in Poland, now based in Newcastle, Sean Elliott has travelled extensively. Sean has been commissioned for projects throughout Europe, including Italy, France, Sweden and Spain, for bespoke projects in Morroco and Tunisia, and self-negotiated work in the United States. Sean can offer experience, an ability to adapt to any environment, and an aptitude for documenting a place whilst capturing the essence and the vibe of it.

Documentary photography

Sean is available for projects and commissions, and is always ready to pitch new assignments and proposals. In terms of documentary photography, his photos have a narrative focus, and he is particularly interested in conveying stories through stills, throughout a body of work. There is also potential for multimedia projects, using audio and video alongside stills, with text underscoring the work. Sean will work with individuals on personal and family projects, with arts organisations, will document building projects, commemorate historical buildings and places.

Morocco and North Africa

Sean has visited North Africa a number of times, and is particularly interested in the strong contrasts that are in such close promximity to one another - from skiing to the desert to the coast. Sean wanted to capture the diversity of the culture and the people in it, showcasing the isolation and ambience through the light and the landscape. 

Bird men : Pigeon fanciers

Currently all over the world, racing pigeons are cultivated for their beauty, their will to survive, their tenacity, their incredible speed, and their legendary endurance-in short, the marvelous ability to race to their individual homes at breakneck speeds. From the deserts of the Middle East, to the plains of South Africa, to the industrial towns of Europe, to the ancient cities of China, and finally, to the skyscrapers of America, there exists a bond that goes beyond color, creed, origin, class, and politics. Lovers of racing pigeons are part of a worldwide fraternity that has been with us from the dawn of time itself!

The modern racing pigeon has been developed over the past 150 years to fly farther and faster and more often than any performances hitherto imaginable. Now, if memory serves me correctly, the racing pigeon is the product of the mixing together of several different breeds of pigeons including Horseman, Dragoon, Smerle, the carrier pigeon, and others. In different countries, different pigeon breeds formed the base from which the fanciers worked to develop their homing pigeons too lesser or greater degrees of perfection-usually lesser. The modern racing pigeon is therefore a hybrid and therefore not a pure breed at all.

Mothball : Spillers Mill Newcastle

Sean recently photographed Spillers Mill on the Newcastle Quayside, built in 1938 and since abandoned. Spillers is a factory that stopped. There are mugs on sideboards, chairs at tables, clusters of keys, boilersuits in heaps, each room an indication of the day it stopped at, the day everything paused. The interior is just as elusive as the outside, and the sense of history is palpable, of something that worked and still could, in perpetual limbo. Sean hopes to convey the mass presence of Spillers on the Quayside, of a building that ties us to history and precariously links to a future that never comes.

Teadance : Discovery VE Day

The tea dance is a recreation of tradition, showcasing the forgotten formalities of another era. The dance is about engagement, of people with music and dance, and of real and solid connections, in steps, in the gaps between songs, in the things people say when they are together. Men arrived with dancing shoes in hand and the women wore heels, and each of the steps, each of the dances, came back like bike riding.

Available for travel and documentary commissions

Sean has a flexible approach to work, can be available at short notice on an international basis and is always interested to photograph new places. Sean has a full and varied experience of all aspects of photography, has access to all necessary equipment and is committed to excellence in every project he undertakes.

Latest News: Shooting for the stars

This photograph was taken at a wedding Sean shot a few months ago at the Baltic Art Gallery in Gateshead. It has gone down a storm(trooper) at Sky News. Read the article at here.

Upcoming Events

I still have a few dates available for 2013. A couple of my brides have postponed their weddings until 2014 due to unexpected bumps. Get in touch...

June 9th, 2013
Luxury Wedding Exhibition Rise Hall 12pm-4pm

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